Why I started this blog

In May 2014 I was diagnosed with a Colloid Cyst and Acquired Hydrocephalus.

On the 20th August 2014 I underwent a Craniotomy and transcallosal craniotomy and excision of Colloid Cyst operation.

The lack of information available at that time was awful, it was almost as if this condition didn’t exist because there was so little information available on the internet.

Usually, if you look up any condition, disease, operation or similar, you will find rafts of information but for a Colloid Cyst? Hardly anything.

My wife was going out of her mind with worry, I was being brave until the day of the operation and the reality and enormity of the situation hit me and all in all, it was a scary time for us all, not knowing what would happen next.

So I decided I would document my recovery process.

  • What my symptoms were before the diagnosis and how they affected my everyday life
  • The diagnosis itself
  • The operation and subsequent recovery period in hospital
  • My return to work
  • My health since August 2014
  • Small issues since the operation
  • My mindset (this is the biggest change)


I’m no Doctor. I have no medical experience whatsoever and I would never, ever want anyone to take what I write here as advice. I DO NOT GIVE ADVICE.

Doctors, Nurses and Neurosurgeons are all brilliant at what they do and I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for their skill, knowledge, experience and expertise.

My aim is simply to tell you my journey from symptoms, diagnosis, operation, recovery and moving on with my life.

If at least one person takes comfort from what I have written, then that is all I want as there wasn’t a great deal of information that we (my family) could find on this strange, under reported condition.

I will also scan various documents in here that I received from the Neurocentre and Neurosurgeon during the whole process to show you my progress and to of course provide validity to what I am saying.

Best wishes always…Mark




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