Colloid Cyst Update – December 2016

This is a quick update on my recovery from my Colloid Cyst removal back in August 2014.

I feel pretty bad.

The headaches which I never had before I was diagnosed (at least not very much at all) are chronic. I feel them at the back of my head, right at the base of my skull on the right hand side as you look at me from the back.

I’ve even started to think (imagine?) that there is a lump developing. I’ve asked my wife and she said there isn’t but I feel something or think I do. I’m not sure what I believe anymore.

The headaches have been pretty constant for all of December and a week in November. It is the 17th December as I write this. I just find them draining and I feel like I want to push the back of my head to make them go away.

Is this normal?

The worst incident since my Craniotomy

I was driving my car back from work. I have to drive 30 miles which takes about 45 minutes in traffic when I leave my office at 5 or 5.30.

I was just over 2 miles from home on the motorway when my vision began to go funny. I started to get slight double vision and then it got so bad that I had to pull over on the hard shoulder.

I had to cross 2 lines of traffic and panicked because I couldn’t judge the distances of the cars next to and behind me.

I literally couldn’t see properly and I was really scared. I got out of my car but couldn’t even see the car properly. The double vision was so bad that I couldn’t make out the distance on the car so when I got out, I had to feel my way around the car to get on the other side with the fast motorway traffic whizzing past me.

I tried to call my wife but I couldn’t tap the numbers as my perspective had gone and the keypad wasn’t visible properly. It looked much further away than it was and I just couldn’t find the contacts icon or get my hand to eye co-ordination correct.

Now I was really scared.

After 2 wrong calls (I just couldn’t press where I needed to on the contacts list) I eventually got hold of her.

She calmed me down – she always does and told me to walk well away from the car to avoid the traffic. She told me she would drive to me but that she was over an hour away so instead suggested calling an ambulance.

I made it very clear I didn’t want an ambulance as I know that would mean I would have to go into hospital for more tests which could affect my job, etc. I just needed time to think.

I stumbled over the metal barrier and walked onto the muddy embankment. I was in my suit and my shoes were completely enveloped by the freezing mud which was seeping into my shoes and making my socks wet but I didn’t care.

After what seemed like a very long time but in fact was only about 10 minutes, my vision started to come back.

After 20 minutes it was almost back to normal apart from a sense that ‘I wasn’t all there’. What I mean by that is that I could see but I felt a little like I was out of my body and observing myself. I can’t really describe it very well except to say, I knew something had happened.

The 2 mile drive took me almost 60 minutes. Not because there was a lot of traffic but because I came off the motorway to use the side roads and I kept pulling over every 5/6 minutes or so and going for a walk or just sitting in my car.

When I eventually got home I had a splitting headache and I went to bed despite my wife’s protestations that I should see a doctor.

Since then, there hasn’t been another incident, nor has there ever been one like that prior to this one, although I now have to fight off anxiety attacks whenever I am in my car.

It may simply be a one off.

My stupid ill-informed diagnosis of what happened

Lack of water.

I was warned and warned by the nurses that I needed to drink more water. In fact, they wouldn’t let me leave hospital until I did and I’ve normally been pretty good about it apart from one or two occasions.

This time, I have been so busy with work that I think it was probably 3 days or more since I had drunk a pint of water and I must have been severely dehydrated. I know that when I don’t drink water the headaches get worse so perhaps dehydration is key to this whole process?

But they don’t go away completely even when I drink a lot of water, plus the fact that up until very recently, I didn’t get headaches much at all, certainly not like I do now which is every single day.

My motion sickness has also got a lot worse.

I only have to turn around too quickly now and I become slightly disorientated.

I will post more updates in the coming weeks to let you know if things are better or worse.


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