February 2017 update

After my recent problems…Debilitating headaches, vision problems and general ‘full-headedness’, I seem to have plateaued.

I still get vision problems but only when I have been looking at the PC screen for hours on end. The nauseous feeling seem to be there almost every day and I just ache at the back of my head.

For months now, I have been convinced that my Colloid Cyst has come back. It doesn’t matter how many times my wife tells me that it hasn’t and that I am being  a drama queen, I just feel that it has.

I have no medical knowledge to back this up but on the 13th March 2017, I go back to hospital for another MRI and either way, I will have a little bit of closure about the situation.

It could be that I am suffering from that condition that most brain surgery patients go through, the “I know I’ve had an operation to remove (insert the thing) but I just know that it has grown back” scenario.

Not intelligent and completely without any basis but I just can’t help it.

Blood Test

The constant shit feeling that I have been experiencing led me to the doctor. Bearing in mind that I went to the doctor just twice in 20 years before I was diagnosed with a Colloid Cyst, it’s still a big deal for me to go.

A blood test was arranged and as I write this, the test has come back ok.

My cholesterol is a little too high but my blood pressure, liver, kidney and test for diabetes have all come back fine so the final piece of my jigsaw is the MRI on the 13th.

Once I have the results of the MRI, I will make another post.







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