Results of my MRI – May 2017

Eventually, I received the results back from my doctor for the MRI that I had done in January (or was it February?) 2017.

Nothing found.

Apparently there is brain scarring consistent with someone who has had a craniotomy but apart from that, all seems ok.

It doesn’t help me though because I’ve still got this dull, nagging pain at the base of my skull and my motion is still a problem.

The best way to describe it is that when I turn my head from the left to the right quickly (or vice versa), it feels like it takes a second or two for my eyes to catch up with where my head is.

Does that make sense?

It makes me feel nauseous and it worries me when I drive, so much so that I made yet another appointment at the Doctors.

I explained what has been happening, she knows my Colloid Cyst history quite well as I have spent some time with her over the last few years.

Again, nothing appears wrong. She asked me to stand up straight with my eyes closed. She pushed me with one finger at different parts of my body and I had to stand rigid without falling over, which I did (not sure what she was trying to achieve).

She asked me to close my eyes and walk in a straight line with one foot in front of the other, a bit like the DUI test in the US (I think) which I did.

I also had to follow her finger as she moved it left and right and touch it with my finger.

All, apparently, ok and my problems simply put down to getting older (I just turned 50) which doesn’t make me feel great if I’m honest. Is this what I have to look forward to now? Ailing health? Brilliant.

Perhaps I am a Hypochondriac like my wife tells me all the time!


I seem to have eliminated all potential issues so either I am being a full on basket case or my eyes are causing me issues. There simply isn’t anything else I think it can be.

I have made an appointment with an optician as the previous visit a few months ago didn’t highlight any real issues, however I didn’t get a great deal of comfort from their prognosis as they seemed distracted when actually doing my eye test.

In fact, they barely made mention of the fact that I lost my vision one day whilst driving and that in itself was enough to make me worry they were missing something! So, I am visiting a different optician this time.

I get a heaviness above my eyes and some days, I just want to close them even though I am not tired…It’s like someone has strapped a weight to my forehead.

Update to follow after my visit today (Sunday May 21st 2017).


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