I’m taking time out

UnthinkMy last update was on the 21st May and it’s now the 29th July 2017.

My head hurts. The dull pains I get at the base of my skull just above my neck are getting worse and it’s getting me down.

I’m paranoid that the Colloid Cyst has come back and yet I’ve had a clear MRI just a few months ago.

I’m still losing my vision at times…My eyes go ‘squiffy’ and I can’t focus for about a minute and I find it really scary.

I’m getting dizziness again, especially if I turn around too quickly or get up off the floor if I’ve been crouching or sitting down.

The doctors have tested me for brain issues and there are none. The opticians have done the same for my eyes and they are fine (in fact my short sightedness has improved so I barely need glasses anymore).

So…I have come to the conclusion that it is stress that is causing my issues. I mean, what else can it be? This was my life when I was first diagnosed with a Colloid Cyst.

I am going to take a couple of months away from this blog to unthink, unwind and start walking again.

I need clarity where my mind is fuzzy at the moment and I need to stop looking at electronic devices again.

See you soon…Mark



One thought on “I’m taking time out

  1. Mark- I love you for your strength and courage. I hope you are feeling better by now. Your story helps me to deal with my condition. I was finally diagnosed with a colloid cyst in October 2016 after having all sorts of weird symptoms over many previous years (including double vision for about ten years). In October 2016 an MRI showed a colloid cyst and lots of hydrocephalus. Two days later I passed out in the shower, hitting the back of my head on the shower wall. I was taken to the hospital emergency room and a few days later I had a VP shunt installed. Two days after surgery I had a grand mal seizure and then cardiac arrest. I finally regained consciousness after another two days and was really freaked out, thinking how close I came to dying. I stayed in the hospital a total of three weeks and then went to a rehab hospital for another couple weeks. I am retired and was doing various volunteer work in the community so I did not have to worry about keeping a job. Unfortunately, I turned 65 just after my shunt surgery and went on medicare. I then found out that my neurosurgeon would not accept medicare patients and I had to find a new neurosurgeon. There were none that would take me since I was “post op”. I was at my wits end (assuming I had any wits left). Well, my insurance plan finally helped me find a new neurosurgeon that would take me. Frankly I still don’t understand why my original surgeon could be so cruel. My pre-shunt symptoms were relieved after the shunt was installed but I had been told that eventually the colloid cyst would have to be removed if it grew larger. I felt I had PTSD following the trauma from the shunt surgery and having a cardiac arrest afterward. I never expected to die at the age of 64. I knew that I would need psychologic treatment to handle the situation. It has been a very busy year for me since in terms of lots of doctor appointments, trying to navigate my United Healthcare program, and dealing with doctors’ offices staff. My neck, which had given me problems since a child, began hurting and my new NS did more MRIs to determine what the problem was and it was determined that I had problems in my cervical spine which required disk fusion surgery in June 2017. Before that was done, I finally found a psych counselor from our local Cleveland Clinic in Las Vegas that knew how to treat medical PTSD. Thank God for that as I was going out of my mind with worry and could not sleep at night. Now after the neck surgery my NS tells me that he thinks my shunt appears to be having early signs of failure and has scheduled surgery for a new shunt on January 10 2018. Of course I am scared again due to the problems I had when the first shunt was installed. My last CT scan was done in February and it showed that the colloid cyst has not grown more but I know that eventually it will have to be taken out.

    I hope you are doing better now. I will say some prayers for you.

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